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GTM Geosynthetics is a factory who produce geotextile,geotextile membrabne,non woven geotextile,geotextile fabric,geomembrane,HDPE geomembrabne,geogrid,geocell,gabion and other geosynthetics.GTM geotextile sincerely hope to offer best geotextile and service to all of the world.

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    10 years geotextile fabric factory covering more than 5000m² with big production capacity.

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    We boost R&D team.Big or Small we dont shy away & look forward to serving any needs.

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    Our geotextile fabrics manufacturing facilities upholds the top world standards, While being environmentally responsible


              Non Woven Geotextile

Including PET/PP spunbound no woven geotextile and staple fiber nonwoven geotextile

woven geotextile

Woven Geotextile

High Tensile Strength Woven Geotextile and Silt Fence

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We have worked with GTM for more than 5 years,they always give me the best geotextile products and price.If you are looking for a reliable geosynthetics manufacturer,GTM is your best choice.

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Road Building

GTM geootextile membrane fabric is used for road building


Landfill Project

HDPE geomembrane and non woven geotextile is used to build landfill.



Geomembrane is used as anti-seepage layer and geotextile is used as protection layer.

Geosynthetics News


Geogrid is a kind of reinforced geosynthetics. Common geogrids include geogrid uniaxial, geogrid biaxial,polyester geogrid, glassfiber geogrid. Geogrid is widely used in road reinforcement,geogrid retaining wall and other geotechnical engineering.


Geotextiles, geomembranes and some special geosynthetics are geocomposites when two or more materials are combined with each other.The commom geocomposites are composite geomembrane,composite geogrid and composite drainage products.

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