Geotextile Functions and Geotextile Properties
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1.Geotextile functions and properties

Geotextile is called geotextile fabric or geosynthetics.It is used together with soil and other civil engineering materials.

Usually geotextile materials can be devide to woven geotextile, nonwoven geotextile, knitted geotextile fabrics and composite geotextile that compose of two or more geosynthetics.

Geotextile has the function of reinforcement, isolation, filteration, drainage,anti-seepage and other functions in geotechnical construction. In practical applications, several functions of geotextiles may play the same role in varying degrees, but due to the application of different occasions and purposes, the types of geotextiles we choose are different,
For example,when geotextile used in paving construction,geotextile has the main function of reinforcement and filteration.But it also has the function of waterproof after soaked with bitumen oil.

Since the geotextile is a material used in civil engineering, it is generally used for a long time, withstand large loads, Usually geotextile are used in a harsh environment, so the property of the geotextile must meet certain requirements.
(A) The physical properties:
The thickness and mass weight must meet the needs of the project and have an even thickness;
(2) the mechanical properties:
Geotextile requires a certain tensile strength, elastic modulus and impact resistance, tear resistance and resistance to creep;
(3) In the hydraulic properties:
Geotextile structure having a suitable pore size and excellent permeability, in order to ensure water can pass without making sand loss;
Geotextile need to have ability of anti-acid and other chemicals,heat resistant and anti-UV properties.

2 The engineer application of geotextile:
2.1 Construction of transport facilities

Transport facilities such as roads, railways, airport transport facilities such as roads, railways, airport develop very fast.
The main trend is high load traffic so the road need have the features such as high quality,stability and weather resistance.Road built with geotextile can meet the requirments.

2. 2 Soft road reinforcement and isolation

geotextile Soft road reinforcement and isolation
When Construct dams or other geotechnical engineers on soft ground,
Since the soft ground with high water content, the structure of the soft soil is unstable so lead to the low carrying capacity of the foundation, in the construction process it prone tosubsidence, deformation,slip and other dagerous issues. In conventional way,we put gravel to the soft ground, but it is large projects usually with high cost.

Now we put a layer of geotextile on the soft ground.We use the geotextile properties of insolation,reinforcement and
drainage to improve the bear capacity of the soft ground.

By using geotextile,we can save both time and money.

2. 3 Dams, reservoirs, waste dumps pool
Geotextiles used in these facilities are a composite with a waterproof film or waterproof coating .
We use its anti seepage performance to prevent water loss. Particularly in order to prevent leakage of toxic substances, we can use impermeable geotextile composite to build waste storage pools, in addition to preventing the proliferation of waste leakage, but also reduce the project costs with convenient construction, composite geotextile can be used on the ground, under the and water, and so on.

2. 4 Embankment reinforcement and seashore protection

When the embarkment is too steep and it carry too much heavy, the soil in gravity
will collapse under the action of sliding along a sliding surface, resulting in landslides.
Geotextile when used in the construction of the slope, we lay it layers by layer on parallel slopes, Geotextile has the function of reinforcement and can play the role of anti-slip collapse.
When using geotextile to protect slope, geotextiles will prevent soil contact with the flow directly.
, reducing its erosion by strom, while geotextile has a certain opening size, allowing excess water diversion to go but without soil lossing. Geotextile construction is simple and convenient, especially for fast-flowing river banks and coastal protection.

2. 5 Reclamation

We use geotextile tube to build embarkment and reclamation.
Geotextile tube are made of geotextile of good permeability.
Since the geotextile has a pore, so the geotextile bag or geotextile tube allows air and moisture to escape, and the leave the filled mortar stay in the bag.
In addition to coastal reclamation,when used in harsh natural conditions,geotextile tube is also appropriate. .

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