Properties of Polyester Spunbond Needle Punched Geotextile
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Polyester spunbond needle punched geotextile is a civil engineering construction material, its application areas such as water conservancy, railways, highways and other projects, determine the specificity of their use environment, so different from the traditional textile materials, non woven geotextile material made ​​of such engineering applications requires the following characteristics:

Property of Polyester Spunbond Needle Punched Geotextile

Physical properties:
Mass Weight, thickness, porosity, maximum pore diameter, average pore size. Polyester spunbond needle punched geotextile fabric generally has higher weight, greater thickness, and good uniformity; However, due to the equipment characteristics, Polyester spunbond needle punched geotextile of low weight usually has an uneven thickness, such as the surface of the thickness of polyester spunbond geotextile of 100gr is not even with that of the 200gr .

Mechanical properties:
Tensile strength at break and elongation rates, trapezoidal strength, grip strength, bursting strength, ball bursting strength and so on. For different applications, polyester spunbond needle punched geotextile need to have outstanding performance in the above properties.

For example, in the application of reinforcement,polyester spunbond geotextile need to have a large tensile breaking strength and low elongation at break to ensure the stability of the structure.

But overall, polyester spunbond geotextile need to have the following characteristics: high tensile breaking strength and seam
Strength, high elastic modulus and impact resistance, creep resistance, tear resistance and so on.

Hydrolic properties:
The permeability of polyester spunbond geotextile, including vertical and horizontal permeability penetration resistance, hydrostatic and equivalent aperture and so on.

Polyester spunbond geotextile need to have weather resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, biological resistance and resistance to physical damage to certain properties.

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