Composite Geomembrane Installation Guide
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In channel seepage and water conservancy works, it is always a priority issue to improve the channels impermeable capacity. There are a lot of difficulties in the project,for examples:the composite geomembrane installation technic,installation preparation,the welding of composite geomembrane and the test of geomembrane.

Compound Geomembrane in the channel anti-infiltration project application has a number of advantages, such as seepage
and deformation effect, light texture, material corrosion resistance,strong, low cost…

2. Generally introduction of composite geomembrane

compound geomembrane
2.1 The defination of composite geomembrane
Composite geomembrane is a kind of impermeable geosynthetics.It is composited of woven geotextile or nonwoven geotextile and geomembranes.Composite geomembrane is also called compound geomembrane or waterproof geotextile.

This material has many advantages and benefits, The most significant one is that it has very good anti-seepage effect,
Its tensile strength and crack resistance is also very strong, composite geomembrane have a stronger practical performance and environment adaptability.

Therefore, the application of composite geotextile in canal seepage control engineerings,it not only has a very good effect and low cost.

2.2  Composite geomembrane features

Geomembrane has been able to be so widely applied to the seepage water conservancy projects, mainly due to its very obvious advantages compared with the traditional geosynthetics. It greatly improves the ability of canal seepage.
Composite geomembrane is lighter and very easy to transport. Also it is easy to install, greatly reducing the progress of the construction period. The deformation and anti-corrosion effect is excellent, all of which make it has a strong practical value and economic benefits.

2.3 The Choice of  Composite Geomembrane
We need to choose the correct composite geomembrane before the projects,according to the different thickness of the geomembrane and the different weight of the geotextile.

2.4 Tools Used In The Application of Composite Geomembrane.
In the application of composite geomembrane we need use the tools such as dual drive self-propelled geomembrane welding machine, hot-air gun, plastic push-gun, portable sewing machine, etc.

3.Application of Compound geomembrane in water conservancy and channel seepage
3.1 Compound Geomembrane construction technology
Overall, the construction process of composite geomembrane is relatively simple, including the laying of geomembrane, anchoring and other processes. According to the actual situation of the project, construction process is as follows: construction preparation, geomembrane laying, splicing, anchoring, welding quality inspection, cushion and mixed
laying precast concrete panels, quality testing, final acceptance.

composite geomembrane installation

3.2 Geomembrane material quality testing.
All the composite geomembrane used in the project must have a quality certificate, performance indicators and instructions for use.In order to ensure the quality of the construction, we need to test the properties of composite geommebrane such as the physical properties, hydraulic properties, mechanical properties, durability and other technical
Indicators. We need to clear the entire slope base in case of the roots, weeds, and so sharp stone will cause damage to the
composite geomembrane.

3.3 The installation of composite geomembrane
Laying method is divided into channel bottom laying, slope laying and laying along the channel axis of the slope.Composite geomembrane welding need to use T-shape connection.

We need to install it in good weather condation.Cold weather may cause damage to composite geomembrane and will slow down the installation speed.
But we should also to prevent man-made damage, preventing hard and sharp items damage the composite geomembrane.Construction workers should wear flat shoes or soft shoes. Once geomembrane damage caused, we should take timely measures to repair it.

compound geomembrane

3.4 The welding of compound geomembrane

Connection operations including geotextiles and geotextile stitched and the film welding, in order to guarantee the quality of the welding, we should try to weld composite geomembranes in the factory.
The welding quality play a key role to the waterproof property of the composite geomembrane.So we need to make sure the quality of the welding seam is good.

We should choose the property of the welding equipments, in full accordance with the actual needs. but should be complete before the welding construction

The composite geomembrane should be clean before we weld it, we can use hair dryer to dust the geomembrane surface.

the welding of composite geomembrabe

3.5 We need to put sand of 10 cm on the surface of the installed composite geomembrane and then put precast concrete panels on the sand.We should infill the seams between panels using cement mortar.



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