Drainage Cell
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drainage cells drainage cell bunnings

GTM drainage cells are manufactured from high strength polypropylene and are used in various applications like terrace gardens, planter and podium systems, basement retaining walls, landscape, decks, pond filtration systems, sports fields, Agri – Horti applications etc.

Product Features:
GTM drainage cell offers architects and developers with extensive design flexibility and has a wide range of applications in the landscape, building and construction industries.

Product Application:
*Roof gardens
*Balcony landscape applications
*Retaining wall drainage
*Sport fields and golf courses
*Under drains for floor slabs and foundations
*Gas collection layers
*Subsurface drainage for permeable driveways and car parks

Technical Parameter:

Model Material Thickness(mm) Compression Strength(Kpa) Mass(g/m²) Color of Panel Color of Geotextile Material
LWST-D01 PP 30 1000 3000 Black Black/White PP/PET
Flow Rate Tensile Strength(N) Size (mm) Head Loss 5cm(L/S) Head Loss 10cm(L/S) Pore Entry Radius(mm)
320 160 333×333 3.5 5.2 0.15



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