Geogrid and geotextile applied to highway engineering
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Due to its excellent tensile mechanical properties, industrial production, stable quality and easy on-site construction , geotextiles and geogrids have been widely used in various fields of road and bridge projects.

In road pavement engineering, geotextiles are mainly used for old pavement overlay to prevent cracks in the road surface reflection, delay the occurrence and development of reflective cracking.
In subgrade engineering, geogrid is an ideal geosynthetics to handle soft ground, accelerating consolidation of the foundation to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation.

1.Geogrid in Road Subgrade

Principle 1.2 Geogrid integrated treatment foundation cushion Cushion Soft geogrid in the following
(1) Geogrid has some stiffness, so that the above load is diffused to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation.
(2) Due to the high tensile strength of geogrid and geotextile, their presence will increase the stability of the embankment.
(3) Since geogrid can adapt to ground deformation, gravel and mesh can lock together to form a stable plane to prevent gravel Stone subsidence,increasing the shear strength of the foundation.
(4) Geogrid together with geotextile has the function of drainage.

2. Geogrid installation procedure
(1) First make ground flat and drain the surface water.
(2) Laying on the ground the first layer of the geogrid,keep the adjacent geogrid lap length more than 20cm.
Overlapping edges are pinned with u-shaped nails.
Then put 40cm gravel layer on the geogrid.Then press the road 3 to 5 times by using vibrating roller.
Then lay geotextile on the gravel.
(3) The filling subgrade soil should be layered and meet the appropriate specifications. In addition, you should avoid transport vehicles travel on good positioning geogrids directly.

Geotextile used in prevention pavement cracks

It is a common way to repair cement concrete pavement asphalt surface. It features short duration, low cost, little impact on traffic… But its main problem is that the asphalt layer prone to reflective cracking, and set the geotextile is one of the main measures to delay reflective cracking occurred.

GTM Pavement Geotextile is an ideal choice for repair pavement.Our geotextile mass weight is 140g/m2.The thickness is 1.95mm and the MD tensile strength is 400n/5cm.The CMD tensile strength is 280n/5cm.The elongation is 60% and melting point is 230-240 ℃

Geotextile installation procedure:

(1) Installation preparation:We should clear the old road surface before we lay geotextile.Use 6% cement and gravel material to fill the break area.

(2) Spread asphalt.

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