Composite Geogrid
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geogrid geotextile composite   composite geogrid

Composite geogrid is a kind of geosynthetics.Composite geogrid is bonding a nonwoven geotextile to geogrids.The geogrid can be PP biaxial geogrid,polyster geogrid and fiberglass geogrid.

The geocomposite binds closely to the soil being reinforced, separates different soil types and provides an effective filter action

Composite geogrid advantages:
1. High tensile strength and modulus
2. An effective filter and separation performance
3. Multi-purpose

Composite geogrid Applications:
1. Rail tracks support in the ballast and/or in the capping
2. Airport pavements
3. Building and foundation support.
4. Soft area access
5. Tailing capping
6. Load Transfer Platforms over Piles






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