PVC Geomembrane
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PVC Geomembrane  pvc waterproofing membrane

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) geomembrane is a muli-purpose membrane manufactured by the calendaring or extrusion process.

PVC geomembrane features:
1. High puncture strength and excellent abrasion resistance.
2. Resistant to a number of industrial chemicals.
3. Excellent interface friction without being textured.

PVC geomembrane usages:

Decorative Ponds & Water Features
Golf Course Ponds
Fish Hatcheries
Lakes & Streams
Irrigation Ponds
Landfill Caps
Canals and Channels
Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Technical Parameter:

Number Items  NO.1 NO.2
1 Tensile Strength Mpa  ≥   8.0   12.0
2 Elongation at Break %   200   250
3 Size change rate in heat treatment %   3.0   2.0
4  Bending low Temperature °C   -20°C -25°C
5 Anti-penetrating    Not leaking
6   Impermeability   Impermeable


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