Woven vs Non Woven Geotextile Fabric

Let’s first see what is geotextile? Geotextile is a kind of permeable synthetic textile material, which is made of polypropylene or polyester fiber. Film Geotextile membrane has a long history in the application of filtration, drainage, separation and protection in a series of civil, coastal and environmental engineering structures.

Geotextiles have long been used in the construction and landscaping industries to make markings by stabilizing the ground, improving site drainage and filtration, separating aggregates and distributing applied loads. Determining the right geotextile fabric for your project means understanding the differences between woven geotextile and nonwoven geotextile .

woven vs non woven geotextile

What is Woven Geotextile:

Woven geotextile is made by mixing and weaving fibers on a loom to form a uniform length. The result is that the woven geotextile membrane is not only robust, making it very suitable for road construction and parking applications, but also to deal with the problem of ground stability.

Woven geotextile fabrics are relatively impermeable and do not provide optimal powder separation. Woven polypropylene geotextile will resist UV degradation and are suitable for long-term application. PP woven geotextiles are measured by tensile strength and strain, which are the resistance of materials to fracture under tension.

woven vs non woven geotextile

What is Non Woven Geotextile:

Nonwoven geotextiles are made by binding long or short fibers together by needling or other methods. Then some additional heat treatment is applied to further improve the strength of the geotextile.

Due to this manufacturing method and its permeability, nonwoven geotextiles are generally best used for drainage, separation, filtration and protection. Nonwovens refer to weight (i.e. GSM / g per square meter) and are more felt like.

The difference between woven geotextile vs nonwoven geotextile:

The biggest difference between nonwoven geotextile and woven geotextile lies in the different production process. Nonwoven geotextile is made by filament and short fiber through needle punching and other production processes with the help of mechanical equipment. Woven geotextile is composed of at least two groups of fiber in the direction of warp and weft.

The difference of production technology makes nonwoven geotextile and woven geotextile show anisotropic influence on product characteristics. Although nonwoven geotextile has good deformation effect, its deformation effect is not as good as woven geotextile. The woven geotextile has considerable tensile strength effect in the horizontal direction, and is more practical in the reinforcement effect.

The same function of woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile:

Different soil structures are separated with geotextile to form a stable interface, so that the structures of each layer are separated and play their own characteristics and overall role as required.
Geotextile can protect soil or water surface from erosion.

3.Seepage control:
Geotextile and geocomposite geotechnical materials can prevent the leakage of liquid and the volatilization of gas, and protect the environment or the safety of buildings.

The same application of woven geotextile and nonwoven geotextile fabric:

Because geotextile has the above six functions, it can be widely used in railway, highway, stadium, dam, hydraulic construction, tunnel, coastal beach, reclamation, environmental protection and other projects.

Final Words:

Woven geotextile and nonwoven geotextile has many common functions and applications.Before a project,we need to tell the difference between woven geotextile and nonwoven geotextile.

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