Why Is It Important To Use Reinforcement Geocomposites Or Geotextiles In The Construction Of A Road

In this article, we talk about the importance of the use of fissile anti-crack geotextiles or reinforcement geocomposites in the construction of roads to prevent deterioration, as well as the advantages they bring in this type of engineering projects.

Surely you’ve ever gone through a road full of potholes, patches or cracks. These damages in the roadway may have caused extreme thermal contrasts, wear due to the rolling of vehicles or, simply, a bad initial construction of the same.

The Importance To Use Reinforcement Geocomposites Or Geotextiles In The Construction Of A Road

The preservation of the heritage of the road network not only significantly increases the transport efficiency of a region but also contributes to the improvement of driving comfort and the development of better road safety. Therefore, it seems of vital importance to use in its construction materials that not only provide quality and safety but also guarantee its long-term maintenance and it is at this point that we want to talk about reinforcement geocomposites and anti-crack geotextiles of fissures formed by a geotextile and a geogrid.

In GTM we have GTM non woven geotextile suitable for use in agglomerates that retards the propagation of cracks due to aging of the pavement, and a geocomposites formed by a fiberglass geogrid coated with bitumen and a non-woven geotextile ideal for use on asphalting. Incorporating these materials in the construction of any type of road is the way to extend its useful life and avoid damage caused by fatigue or exposure of forces to which they are exposed.

Advantages Of Using Reinforcement Geocomposites And Anti-crack Geotextiles In Road Construction:

The advantages of using this type of reinforcement geocomposites and anti-ski cracking geotextiles on roads are many and very good. Technical, economic and environmental advantages are those that we detail below.

The technical guarantees offered by the anti-ski cracks geotextiles and reinforcement geocomposites have been demonstrated by their applications in different engineering projects: anti-ski cracks in aged pavements, reinforcement in pavements, soil stabilization. In the case of its application in the construction of roads, it demonstrates the increase in road stability thanks to its reinforcement function, increases resistance, thus preventing subsidence and adheres better to asphalt. In addition, it prevents soil wear due to weather conditions of humidity or water.

The economic advantages derive from the technical advantages since we can assume that if the roads suffer a lower degree of deterioration, it will be less frequent to invest in repair and maintenance costs.
To recap, we are facing a material that is easier to handle, more respectful of the environment, more economical and with optimal technical results compared to the conventional ways that have been carried out in the construction of the Spanish road network before.

The anti-cracking geotextiles of fissures and the reinforcement geocomposites are in places that we do not imagine: on the floors of places that receive a large capacity continuously as industrial areas, shopping centers, on airport runways, in large parking lots … and in all of them it has proven to be a material with guarantee of success. Therefore, extending its use in the maintenance and repair of roads will undoubtedly be a great achievement for civil engineering.

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