What is the Use of Geomembrane Landfill Liner?

Landfill Liner Introduction:

Geomembrane landfill liner is widely used in landfill installation.The landfill liner types include:smooth HDPE geomembrane,textured geomembrane.Geomembrane landfill liner specifications can be 1.5mm,2mm.The modern landfill is mostly double lined landfill.

landfill liners types

How to deal with the base of landfill?

1. Make preparations to clean, roll and compact the surface of the base course to be laid; then take local materials and use excavators to fill the surface of the base course. The filled layer is not less than 30 cm thick. If there is no loess, it can be replaced by yellow sand and fine sand. Fill the soil layer or sand layer. After compaction of the soil protection layer, prepare for the next work, excavate underground water drainage channels and distribute them Drainage geocomposite.

2.The laid soil protection base course shall be leveled and compacted, and the surface shall be flat and smooth, and there shall be no broken stones protruding more than 2cm, and there shall be no obvious small soil pit;

After checking that there is no problem, the bentonite waterproof blanket shall be laid on the soil protection layer, with one side of the non-woven geotextile fabric facing down and the other side of the woven geotextile fabric facing up.

Note: the construction of bentonite waterproof blanket shall be carried out in the weather without rain and snow. In case of rain and snow, the construction shall be covered with plastic film to prevent the expansion of bentonite in the waterproof blanket when encountering water; the overlapping of bentonite waterproof blanket shall not be less than 20cm, and the overlapping edge shall be evenly sprinkled with bentonite overlapping powder, which shall be compacted and kept flat after being touched by water spray. After laying, check whether the waterproof blanket is damaged or damaged, repair it in time and prepare for the next work.

landfill liner installation

3.Then lay HDPE geomembrane. As early as 1980s, HDPE high density polyethylene geomembrane, also known as HDPE anti-seepage geomembrane, also known as anti-seepage membrane, was used in the anti-seepage engineering of landfill in Europe. With the attention to ecological environment and the increasing awareness of national environmental protection, impervious membrane has been widely used in landfill disposal.

Lay the HDPE waterproof membrane on the bentonite waterproof blanket, stretch it flat, without big bubbles, flatten it, and avoid heavy machinery such as excavators from rolling or turning or walking on the laid anti-seepage membrane; the overlapping edge of the landfill liner membrane and the anti-seepage membrane shall not be less than 10 cm, and the edge shall be dry and free of sundries and stones; then prepare for welding, take about one meter of two Geomembranes for test welding before welding. Adjust the reasonable temperature of the welding machine, and then weld by professional welding personnel; the welding shall be carried out synchronously with the laying of impermeable film until the laying is completed.

Note: in the process of geomembrane laying, the excavator shall evenly and slowly weigh the soil aside to cover the geomembrane, and the welding and filling shall be carried out simultaneously to avoid artificial damage to the geomembrane; the protective soil layer on the cover geomembrane shall be no less than 30 cm thick to prevent the plant roots from piercing the geomembrane, and then the soil layer shall be compacted.

What is the Use of Geomembrane Landfill Liner

After the geomembrane is laid, the filament nonwoven geotextile will be laid, rolled manually, stretched and laid flat, and the overlapping edge shall not be less than 10 cm.

After the laying, check whether the surface of the filament geotextile is damaged or damaged. Repair it in time and prepare for the next work.
Then cover the soil layer on the filament geotextile, protect the thickness of the soil layer not less than 30 cm, and compact and flatten the soil layer.
Finally, the staple fiber nonwoven geotextile shall be laid on the compacted protective soil layer and rolled manually. The cloth surface shall be stretched and leveled. The overlapping edge shall not be less than 10 cm. After laying, check whether the geotextile is in good condition and handle it in time.

Final Word:

Geomembrane landfill liner has many good properties,many types of geommebrane landfill liner are used in modern landfill design.

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