What Are the Types of Plastic Geogrid and the Differences between Uniaxial Geogrid Mat and Plastic Biaxial Geogrid Fabric?

Types of Plastic Geogrid:

Plastic geogrid can be divided to uniaxial geogrid, plastic biaxial geogrid and triaxial geogrid ( tensar triax 160 geogrid , tensar triax tx5 geogrid )according to their tension direction.In this article we will mainly talk about the difference between uniaxial geogrid mat and Plastic biaxial geogrid fabric.

Uniaxial Geogrid is a kind of high strength geomembrane with high polymer as main raw material, adding certain anti ultraviolet and anti-aging AIDS, and unidirectional stretching to make the original scattered chain molecules rearranged in a linear state, extruded into thin sheets, then punching regular holes, and then longitudinally stretched.

 uniaxial geogrid

Plastic biaxial geogrid is made of polymer through extrusion, plate forming, punching process and then longitudinal and transverse stretching. The material has great tensile strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions. This kind of structure can also provide an ideal chain system for more effective bearing and diffusion of force in the soil, which is suitable for the foundation with large area of permanent bearing.

Differences of Plastic Geogrid:

According to the different production materials, plastic geogrid can be divided into polypropylene tensile geogrid and polyethylene tensile geogrid. There is no difference in appearance between them. From the feel, plastic geogrid made of polyethylene is soft and will not rebound after bending, and polypropylene geogrid can rebound after bending. According to the different tensile direction, plastic geogrid can be divided into unidirectional plastic geogrid and bidirectional plastic geogrid.

Application difference of Uniaxial Geogrid and Plastic Biaxial Geogrid

1、 Conceptual differences
A. The unidirectional plastic geogrid is formed by extruding and pressing the polymer into a thin plate, punching the regular hole net, and then stretching longitudinally. This process can make the polymer into a directional linear state and form a long elliptical network structure with uniform distribution and high node strength. This structure has quite high tensile strength and tensile modulus.

B. The bi-directional plastic geogrid is made of polymer by extrusion, plate forming, punching and then longitudinal and transverse stretching. The two-way plastic geogrid has great tensile strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions. This kind of structure can also provide a more effective force bearing and diffusion ideal chain system in the soil, which is suitable for the foundation with large area and long-term bearing.

Plastic Biaxial Geogrid Fabric

2、 Use difference
A. The one-way plastic geogrid is mainly used to strengthen the soft foundation; to strengthen the asphalt or cement pavement; to strengthen the embankment slope and retaining wall; to strengthen the river and sea embankment; to deal with the landfill. Special application of unidirectional plastic geogrid: low temperature resistance.

B. The two-way plastic geogrid is suitable for the foundation reinforcement of various dykes, subgrade reinforcement, slope protection, tunnel wall reinforcement, large airport, parking lot, wharf freight yard and other long-term bearing foundations. The main functions of the two-way plastic geogrid are to increase the bearing capacity of the subgrade and extend the service life of the subgrade; to prevent the pavement from collapsing or cracking and keep the ground beautiful and tidy; to facilitate the construction, save time and labor, shorten the construction period and reduce the maintenance cost; to prevent the culvert from cracking; to strengthen the soil slope and prevent water and soil loss; to reduce the thickness of the cushion and save the cost; to support the slope to plant grass It can replace metal net and be used for false roof net in coal mine.

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