The Importance of Geotextile in Road Construction

Road Geotextile Introduction:

Geotextile road fabric is also called non-woven geotextile fabric. It is a plastic felt fabric made of polypropylene fiber or polyster fiber by needling non-woven pattern and then impregnating, bonding and drying with various fillers.

non woven geotextile underlayment fabric has the advantages of light corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, aging resistance, non moth eaten, low expansion and non pollution;
it also has the mechanical properties of high tensile resistance, anti pulling force, anti puncture and anti bursting;
at the same time, it also has high water permeability, with its pinhole for filtering or reverse filtering,
it can separate and isolate different materials, and can share the load or reinforce;
it also has the factory batch The advantages of production, stable quality, simple on-site construction, short construction period and low investment.
Therefore, it has been widely used in various fields of civil engineering.

geotextile road fabric

In the road surface engineering, geotextile is mainly used to cover the old road surface to prevent the reflection cracks and delay the occurrence and development of reflection cracks. In subgrade engineering, it is used to treat soft soil foundation, accelerate the consolidation of foundation and improve the bearing capacity of foundation.

Pavenment Geotextile Membrane Used for Maintenance of Asphalt Pavement:

Geotextile is an important pavement repair material.Non woven polyester geotextile can not only contain enough impregnated asphalt, insulate moisture infiltration, but also has high strength.

non woven geo fabric has uniform structure, small shrinkage coefficient, strong toughness and large elongation. It is an ideal repair material at present.

After many years of use, due to design, materials, construction and other reasons, there are often cracks or network cracks in different degrees in part or in pieces. If not repaired in time, it will lead to large-scale damage due to water permeability.

geotextile in road construction

If the area of network crack and craze is small, the geotextile can be cut into a certain shape, and the size can completely cover the network crack and craze surface, and each side should be 10cm wide. After the old pavement is cleaned and treated, the geotextile is soaked with emulsified asphalt, paved on it, and then repaired with asphalt concrete.

If the area of net crack and craze is large or has been in pieces, the geotextile membrane can be laid as a whole for treatment, and the specific method is the same as above. The asphalt impregnated geotextile can be changed into spraying asphalt binding oil, the geotextile can be rolled firmly on it, and then a thin layer of asphalt can be sprayed to increase the adhesion of the opposite layer and improve the water resistance.

If the paver is used to lay the asphalt concrete surface course, it is not necessary to spray the surface course asphalt, only increase the asphalt consumption on the bottom surface, and control it at about 1000g / m2.

After rolling, the asphalt will penetrate through the geotextile through its pores and back to the surface layer to form a sealed waterproof layer, which also plays a role of reinforcement and improves the fatigue resistance of the new layer. It is economical, convenient and durable.

Final Word:

Except geotextile,other geosynthetics such as geomembrane,geogrid and geocell are also widely used in road construction.

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