The Creep Characteristic of Composite geomembranes
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Composite geomembranes which have isolation, reinforces, protection
characteristic of geotextile and excellent waterproofing performance of
geomembrane, are widely applied in big-dams and flood-control works.

composite gomembrane


Its creep characteristic is an important factor that affects engineering
stability. Therefore, it is necessary to study the creep characteristic.

In order to supply a gap in the research, creep testing experiment of Short
Pi bcr Nonvoven Needle-punched Composite Geomembranes (a geomembrane among
two layers geotextile ) was designed: using RB-0408 Creep Testing
Instrument (suitable for geotextile and geomembrane) which was designed by
ourselves, adopting 20%. 40%. 60%‘ 80% limited load and lasting 6000 hours:
studying the method of creep testing and data pr0cessing, as well as
analyzing creep mechanism of composite geomembranes through experiment.

Data processing was divided into three parts:

First, analyzing testing data by empirical formula, seeking creep mechanism, and judging firstly
whether the creep value in long-term constant load action affects engineering stability or not.

Second, establishing two models which can simulate creep characteristic of composite geomenbranes:model of six elements paralleling connection and model of six elements in series.

Third,determining the formulas parameter of three kind of models with Origin
software, then calculating long-term creep value. At last, forecasting
long-tern creep capability of composite geomembranes with val id creep model,
and judging whether the creep characteristic under different loads have
influence on the engineering stability and durability or not.

geotextile creep test machine





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