Soil Reinforcement with Geotextiles

Geotextile Soil Reinforcement film fabric no matter woven geotextile and nonwoven geotextile has good property of soil reinforcement.The main purpose of strengthening embankment with geosynthetics is to improve the overall sliding safety factor of embankment, or to reduce the land occupation with steep slope on the premise of ensuring safety. Simply using geosynthetics can improve the bearing capacity of soft soil foundation, but it has little effect on the improvement of foundation settlement. Therefore, for the thick soft soil layer, only laying geosynthetics is not very good.


Geotextile reinforcement fabric is mainly used for the local silt layer is not very thick foundation reinforcement treatment, generally combined with coarse sand cushion. If the embankment line crosses the fishpond or ancient river, it is uneconomical to use other methods to deal with the silt embankment foundation due to the small treatment range. In this case, reinforcement of geotextiles can be considered. On the one hand, the reinforcement of geotextiles on the sand cushion makes the embankment load spread to both sides, reducing the stress in the center of the subgrade; on the other hand, it can effectively inhibit the lateral displacement and lateral compression, and reduce the vertical compression deformation.

The main principle of reducing settlement of geotextile is: on the one hand, it reduces the effective load of the embankment center; on the other hand, it reduces the lateral displacement and lateral compression. In addition, geotextile and its bottom sand layer are used as horizontal drainage channels, which accelerate the consolidation of soft soil drainage. The embankment section of Liuxi River passing through the fish pond is reinforced with geotextile. Although the settlement amount is large and the settlement time is long, most of the settlement is completed during the construction period. In the design, the design elevation of the top of the embankment can be ensured by properly reserving the embankment height or the elevation after settlement is basically stable. After the completion of the embankment for 2 to 3 years, the concrete pavement is laid on the top of the embankment. After years of operation, no cracks appear.

Geotextile Soil Reinforcement is often laid on the ground , and it often has some heavy objects on it. In order to make it stronger in use, it is usually reinforced to improve the practicability of Geotextile in use.

  1. The strength and stiffness of geotextile structure can be improved by increasing the degree of compaction and reducing the spacing of reinforcement, but the increasing range decreases with the increase of degree of compaction or the decrease of the spacing of reinforcement layers.
  2. The reinforced layer near the upper surface of the specimen has a significant effect on improving the resilient modulus of the structural soil, while the reinforced layer far away from the upper surface has little effect on the resilient modulus.
  3. In the process of loading, the deformation characteristics of geotextile reinforced soil are basically coordinated with the deformation of the adjacent soil, which can bear a large strain, and the mechanism of tension membrane reinforcement is the main one.
  4. Its reinforced soil structure is more flexible. The well compacted small spacing geosynthetics reinforced granular soil has higher compressive strength, and the failure mode is elastic-plastic instability. This shows that geosynthetics reinforced small spacing granular soil is an ideal material for flexible retaining structure.
  5. Geotextile reinforced structure has better strain bearing capacity. When the strain is high, the stress still continues to increase, showing superior toughness, so it is an ideal seismic structure.
    The main purpose of reinforcing geotextile is to enhance its compressive strength, so that it will not be torn in the use process, which will affect the use effect and improve its quality.
Geotextile Soil Reinforcement

Final Words:

Nonwoven geotextile and woven geotextile film membrane has great function of soil reinforcement. So geotextile membrane fabric is widly used in road building and other earthwork projects. Soil can be stabilization by geotextiles and fabrics as geocomposite such as geotextile composite and geotextile-geogrid composite to reinfore the soil.

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