PVC Roofing Membrane
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pvc roofing membrane pvc waterproofing membrane


PVC roofing membrane is called PVC waterproof membrane too, it is a great roofing material in world round with good experiences.

 Product Classification:
1.Single-ply membrane (code H)
2. Two-color version membrane (code H2)
3. Single-ply or Double-ply membrane lined with fiber (code L)
4. Polyester mesh reinforced (code P)
5. Fiberglass reinforced (code G)

Item Thickness Width Length
PVC Roofing membrane 0.4-2.0mm 1.0-2.0m 15-30m

Product Features :
1. PVC waterproof membrane has high tensile strength, good elongation, good dimensional stability to heating.
2. Ageing resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, resistance to chemical corrosion, and resistance to the root penetrability
3. Has the good weld ability, after hot-gas welding, the seam and parent metal can become one flesh;
4. Has good moisture diffusivity, the moisture of substratum can discharge easily.
5. Good flexibility in low temperature, strong adaptability for temperature change.
6. Light color surface reflect ultraviolet irradiation, heat absorbed in membrane surfaces is small, and temperature is low.
7. Long service life (25 years for roof, 50 years for underground), and no environmental pollution
8. Detail processing is very convenient, simple and convenient maintenance, low cost.
Supply PVC roofing membrane 1.5MM

Application Range :
All kinds of roofing waterproof in industry and construction, exposure type single light steel roofing waterproof, planting roof.
Basement, reservoir, the dam, highway tunnel, railway tunnel, air-raid shelter, grain depot,
wastewater treatment, underground warehouse or other underground projects, building waterproof engineering such as cofferdams etc.

Technical Parameter:

Item         Specification
   H    L    P    G    GL
The resin thickness of Middle fabric, mm≥ /            0.40
Tensile Properties Maximum tension N/cm ≥ / 120 250 / 120
Tension strength Mpa ≥ 10 10
Maximum tension elongation%≥ 15
Fracture elongation,%≥ 200 150 200 100
Heat treatment size change rate,%≤ 2.0 1.0 0.5 0.1 0.1
Low-temperature bending -25°CNo crack
Water tightness 0.3Mpa,2hNo seepage
Attack resistance 0.5kg·m,No seepage
static charge resistance 20kgNo seepage
Seam strip strength, N/mm≥ 4.0orMembranes break 3.0
right-angle tear strength, N/mm≥ 50 50
    Trapezoid tear strength, N≥ 150 250 220
Water absorption(70°C 168h)% After soaking≤ 4.0
air-cure later≥ -0.40
Heat aging(80°C) Time 672h
Appearance No blister, flaw, delamination, coherence, hole
Tensile strength retention,%≥ 85
Elongation rate of keeping,%≥ 80
Low temperature bend -20°C No crack



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