Polypropylene woven geotextile,nonwoven geotextile and geomembrane
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A polypropylene geotextile is divided into nonwoven geotextiles, knitting geotextiles and silt film woven geotextile.

Polypropylene woven geotextile

PP woven geotextile are produced on wide or gripper shuttle loom.
PP woven geotextile is more appropriate to have function, such as separation, reinforcement, erosion control applications.

Non-woven polypropylene geotextile
Nonwoven geotextiles are generally produced on a continuous production line. Non-woven polypropylene Geotextile is divided into short fiber needle punched geotextile and spunbond nonwoven geotextile.

This staple fiber needle punched method is suitable for the production of thick geotextile, nonwoven geotextile is especially for filtration and drainage projects.

Geomembrane, geotextile and geogrid
1. Geomembrane is a strong anti-permeable geosynthetics.

2. Composite geotextile is composed of several layers of different types of geotextiles and geomembrane.

composite geotextile

3. Geogrid (Network) is a high-strength structural material.
It can be widely used in roads, airports, parking lots, water, container yard, temporary construction
Sidewalk, environmental protection and other engineering fields, to reinforce, enhance protection and other purposes.



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