How to Weld Geomembranes?

As a new type of waterproof and anti-seepage material, geomembrane plays an important role in many engineering fields.

If the joint adhesion of geomembrane liner is not properly handled in the construction process, it may affect the quality of the whole anti-seepage project, so it is particularly important to do well in the joint adhesion of geomembrane.

The following is the construction method recommended by us through many years of construction experience.

How to Weld Geomembranes

How to lay the geomembrane?

  1. Remove weeds, silt and crushed stones in the construction site, so as to ensure good anti-seepage effect. Secondly, the surface of the construction site shall be leveled, and there shall be no unevenness.
  2. After leveling, use rammer or compactor to compact, so as to ensure the density of the site soil and avoid leakage in the later use of the site.
  3. Before laying, let the construction workers wear soft shoes and gloves to reduce the loss of geomembrane.
  4. After the geomembrane is laid, it shall be pressed with sand bags to prevent wind. The edge joints shall be free of dirt, moisture, dust, etc.

Geomembrane Weld Guideline:

Before welding, adjust the PE single film on the two sides of the joint to make it lap a certain wide band, and flat without wrinkles.

The geomembrane shall be laid in a certain direction, and a certain PE film and PET nonwoven geotextile layer shall be reserved on both sides. During laying, the direction of each unit geomembrane shall be adjusted to facilitate the welding of two units hdpe membrane.

When welding, it is better to have experienced technicians to weld, and use special welding machine for welding. To adjust the temperature and speed, (also adhesive).

how to weld geomembrane

According to the practice for many years, the thickness of geomembrane is not less than 0.25 mm, too thin may produce pores, and it is easy to be damaged in the construction and reduce the seepage control effect.

The joint treatment of composite geomembrane is the key procedure of construction, which directly affects the operation life of the project. According to the quality inspection, the hot welding method is ideal. (special adhesive can also be used for bonding)

The method of hot welding is to heat the surface of HDPE geomembrane, melt it, and then fuse it into a whole by pressure.

During the geomembrane welding, the overlapping of geomembrane film is very important: the overlapping width should be more than 15cm; hot welding: it is suitable for the slightly thick geomembrane base material, and the overlapping width of the weld joint should not be less than 5cm

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