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What is a geogrid

Geogrid, also known as geogrid fabric or retaining wall geogrid, is a geosynthetic. Compared to other Geosynthetics, geogrids have unique performance and effectiveness.

Types of Geogrids:

  • Biaxial Geogrid

  • Uniaxial Geogrid

  • Polyster Geogrid

  • Fiberglass Geogrid


Geogrid Functions

Geogrids are suitable for all types of embankments and mixed reinforcement, slope protection, tunnel wall reinforcement. Strengthening of the Foundation for permanent bearings of large airports, parking lots, jetty yards, etc.

  • Reinforcement

    Geogrid roll has high tensile strength and tensile modulus, so that structural geogrid can spread loads or stress evenly over large areas. For soft foundations, it can greatly reduce the load stress acting on a soft foundation; For asphalt structures, geogrid products can greatly reduce the edging effect of asphalt structure layers, and finally achieve the goal of preventing asphalt pavements from cracking.

  • Isolation

    Placing the geogrid reinforcement material between two different materials can prevent different sidewalk materials from doping with each other or the original base and mixing materials from doping with each other.

  • Anti-Deformation Function

    When non-uniform local external forces act on the geogrid mesh, the mesh will be in line deformed, and the effect of the constraints will also show, so that the plastic geogrid mesh has a good adaptation to non-uniform loads and can transfer evenly.

  • Strengthing Function

    The geogrid soil reinforcement mesh structure can make pore pressure disappear faster, which is very important for strengthening soft clay foundations.

  • Compaction Function

    Because the mesh of the geogrid constraint layer has the same property, so the shear resistance between the upper and lower particles is not affected, and the stiffness, tensile strength and interlocking effects of the mesh interact with each other, which prevents local displacement and deformation caused by compaction of the load, so strengthen the compaction effect of granular material.

  • Enhencement Intergrity

    The high tensile strength produced by high friction clean surface layers increases the shear strength and integrity of structural coating materials.

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How to Install Geogrid

In this video, we show geogrid installation method.


Advantages of Geogrid Usage


Geogrids are often used as reinforcement of reinforced soil structures or composite materials. Geogrid is one of the main geosynthetics. Compared to other Geosynthetics, it has a unique performance and efficacy.

1. Geogrid membranes can be used with  separation geotextile for mixed reinforcement to lock granular fillers and grids together, form stable fields, prevent fillers from sinking, and disperse vertical loads and alertness, and Multi-layer reinforcement can be used in areas with poor geographical conditions;
2. Tenax geogrid driveway fabric can increase stability and reduce the area occupied when paved on the embankment and fill it with it;
3. Soil stabilization grid can be used to strengthen the road surface and make the grid and road material mixed together, which can effectively disperse and transfer loads, prevent road cracks, bear certain impact loads, bear large alternating loads;
4. Gravel stabilizer grid can shorten the project construction period; can also be built under harsh environmental conditions; Earthlock geogrid can prevent sinking sidewalks and cracks caused by boiling;
5. Geogrid road fabric can reduce the amount of sidewalk material and speed up construction speed.

Geogrid Articles

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geotextile used in landfill
Geotextile Installation Guide

The geotextile is manually rolled. It is required that the cloth surface shall be flat, and the deformation allowance shall be reserved properly.

Road Geotextile Fabric to Treat Pavement Crack

Geotextiles and geogrids have been widely used in various fields of geotechnical engineering due to their excellent tensile resistance, mass production in factories, stable quality and simple construction on site.

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