Geogrid Used in Road Construction

I. Geogrid for Road Construction Preface:

With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the traffic in the city has become all-round. In the process of urban road construction, the situation of subgrade is also different.geogrid road base is a good choice for long lifespan of unpaved roads and geogrid road base cost is low.

Geogrid road reinforcement vs filter fabric geotxtile

Geogrid for road construction and geotextile are widely used in the treatment of road soft foundation because of their characteristics.

Which Types of Geogrid for Gravel Road are Used:

Biaxial Geogrid,Plastic Uniaxial Geogrid,Fiberglass Geogrid,Polyester Geogrid,tridiagonal geogrid for road(triax geogrid road fabric)

Geogrid Used in Road Construction

2. Application and characteristics of road construction geogrid:

  • The application of geogrid driveway in urban road mainly focuses on the following aspects:

It is arranged below the asphalt concrete surface to reduce the reflection crack, improve the anti rut ability and increase the anti fatigue performance;

Geogrid road paving is applied in the middle of granular base to prevent excessive permanent deformation and fatigue damage; in the construction of earthwork subgrade, the treatment of soft foundation can ensure the bearing capacity of subgrade and reduce the quantity of earthwork.

  • Characteristics of Geogrid

Geogrid is a kind of two-dimensional grid or three-dimensional grid with certain height, which is made of polypropylene, PVC and other high polymer by thermoplastic or molding.

When used as civil engineering, it is called geogrid. Geogrid is divided into plastic geogrid, steel plastic geogrid, glass fiber geogrid and polyester geogrid.

Geogrids in pavement construction is often used as reinforcement of reinforced soil structure or composite material. The specific characteristics are as follows: the geogrid has large strength and small deformation, small creep, corrosion resistance and long service life

geogrid in civil enginerings

The steel plastic geogrid is made of plastic material as protective layer. It is assisted by various auxiliaries, which has anti-aging and oxidation properties, and can be corroded by harsh environment such as acid, alkali and salt.

Therefore, the steel plastic geogrid can meet the needs of all kinds of permanent projects for more than 100 years, with excellent performance, good dimensional stability, convenient construction, short period and low cost

The steel plastic geogrid can be laid, lapped, positioned easily and leveled, avoiding overlapping and crossing, which can effectively shorten the project period and save 10% – 50% of the project cost;

The application fields of the project are quite extensive: highway, railway, abutment, approach road, wharf, dam, slag yard and other fields such as soft soil foundation reinforcement, retaining wall and pavement crack resistance engineering.

3. How to install geogrid for road?

The geogrid for road stabilization should not be directly laid on the surface of the original soil foundation, so the soft foundation treatment is to set a 30 cm steel slag bearing layer on the surface of the soft foundation.

1.5% – 2.0% of the road arch cross slope is formed in the transverse direction, and then on the flat road arch layer, the whole section is laid according to the width of the road base. The high strength side of the road base geogrid is placed perpendicular to the direction of the road center line. The road construction geogrid adopts the binding method, and there should be a binding point every 10-15 cm, with the overlapping length of 10 cm, and there should be at least two binding points in the direction of stress.

After the road geogrid is laid, two ash isolation layers shall be filled from both ends to the middle at the same time, with a thickness of 40 cm and compacted in two layers. Then the geogrid road reinforcement is folded back and wrapped with two ash layers to ensure the stress of the geogrid.

Final Word:

Geogrid especially plastic geogrid,fiberglass geogrid are widely used in driveway construction.Road base geogrid for sale is from GTM geotextile.

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