Filament Spunbond Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric Features
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Filament spunbond non-woven technology is the most rapidly developing technology in geosynthetics industry.

filamen spunbond nonwoven geotextile

The main process of spunbond nonwoven geotextile is as follows:
polymer chips → spinning→stretching→ ​​ cross-laying→hot-bounded or needle punched →roll → package.

The process of spunbond nonwoven technology cost little time and has high production efficiency.
It takes only about 20 min from the raw materials to the finished products, and needs only 3 to 4 person to operate the production line.

Its production speeds can be up to 250 ~ 300m/min, the width of the product is generally 2 ~6m, this reduces stitching to ensure project quality.

Since the filament is cross-laying, so this kind of non woven geotextile fabric has high strength and elongation.It is not easy to be bursting, tearing.
Spunbond geotextile has many advanatges:

(1) The mechanical properties is excellent. Some domestic tests showed that the
tensile strength is 1.5 to 1.9 times then that of the same weight staple needle punched geotextile .In addition, the tearing strength and bursting
degrees, creep properties are significantly better than the staple needle punched geotextile;
(2) the hydrolic properties of filament non woven geotextile is roughly equivalent to the staple needle punched geotextile.

(3) The spinning speed is high, much higher than the staple needle punched single output device.

Because of these superior performance, spunbond geotextile is widely used in many projects.



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