geogrid for road stabilization

Eight Steps of Geogrid Used in Road Construction

When we use geogrid for road stablization and geogrid for soil reinforcement,we need to follow strictly steps to install the geogrid fabrics.


The good foundation can make the road use for a long time. When laying the subgrade, the first thing to do is to make the foundation slope line (it must be accurate). In order to ensure the subgrade width, each side is widened by 0.5m on the basis of the original design width, and the foundation soil is leveled after being dried, and then the static pressure is twice and the vibration pressure is four times (the specific vibration pressure is also depending on the place where the road is built), and the uneven place manual leveling.

2.Laying sand and rolling:

This is the same as 1, except that the soil laid is different. One is the base soil, the other is the sand soil. The sand soil is 0.3m thick. The medium (coarse) sand is used. After the manual and mechanical leveling, the static pressure is twice (25t).

Steps of Geogrid Used in Road Construction

3.Laying the first layer of geogrid for road stabilization:

After the above two steps are completed, the first layer of geogrid will be laid. When laying the geogrid, the most important thing is that the road surface should be flat (to prevent the geogrid from being damaged), dense and straight, and the two adjacent geogrids should be overlapped by 0.2m, etc

4.Laying the second layer of sand:

After the third step is completed, we will carry out the second sand and geogrid reinforced soil laying. The second layer of sand and soil is 0.2m thick and medium (coarse) sand is also used.

The only requirement is that all kinds of machines are forbidden to pass on the geogrid without filling medium (coarse) sand, so as to ensure that the geogrid is flat, without bulge or wrinkle.

After the second layer of medium (coarse) sand is flat, horizontal measurement shall be carried out To prevent uneven filling thickness, use 25t vibrating roller for static pressure twice after leveling.

5.Laying the second layer of geogrid soil reinforcement:

The construction method of the second layer of geogrid is the same as that of the first layer. At last, fill 0.3m medium (coarse) sand. The filling method is the same as that of the first layer. After two times of static pressure, the subgrade base reinforcement is basically completed.

geogrid soil reinforcement

6.Laying the third layer of sand and stone and earthwork construction:

After the third layer of medium (coarse) sand is rolled, two geogrids shall be laid on both sides, with two overlaps of 0.16m

7.Laying Geogrid of slope:

Two layers of soil shall be filled with geogrid for side slope, i.e. when the thickness is 0.8m, one layer of geogrid shall be laid on both sides at the same time, and so on, until it is laid under the surface soil of road shoulder.


After the subgrade is filled, the side slope shall be repaired in time, and the dry rubble protection at the slope toe shall be carried out. In addition to widening 0.3m on each side of the subgrade, 1.5% settlement shall be reserved.

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