Biaxial Integral Geogrid

Biaxial Integral Geogrid Products Defination,Specifications and Properties

Biaxial Integral Geogrid Products Defination:

The Biaxial geogrid is a kind of main geosynthetics. Compared with other geosynthetics, it has unique performance and efficacy. Two way geogrid is often used as reinforcement of reinforced soil structure or composite material.

The bi-directional geogrid is a kind of plastic geogrid product. The plastic geogrid is a kind of polymer net material with square or rectangle formed by stretching. According to the different stretching direction during its manufacture, it can be divided into two kinds: Uniaxial Geogrid and Biaxial Integral Geogrid.You can find the difference between them here.

Biaxial Integral Geogrid

It is punched on the extruded polymer plate (mostly polypropylene or high-density polyethylene) and then stretched directionally under heating conditions
The polymer of the geogrid will be reoriented with the process of heating and extending, which strengthens the connection between the molecular chains and improves the strength of the geogrid. Its elongation is only 10% – 15% of the original plate. If carbon black and other anti-aging materials are added to geogrids, they will have better durability such as acid, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

Biaxial Geogrid Properties:

  • Biaxial tensile plastic geogrid has great tensile strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions. This kind of structure can provide a more effective chain system of bearing and diffusion of force in the soil, which is suitable for large-area permanent bearing foundation reinforcement.It has the same function with woven geotextile.
  • The mesh of the two-way grid has a limiting effect, and the soil particles are squeezed in the grid to form a mechanical occluding effect, which results in an effective stress transfer between the soil and the grid, and reduces the uneven settlement.
  • There is more or less water in the soil. The grid can contain water, or separate different materials and dope each other to ensure the overall stability of the structure. Two way geogrid has high tensile strength and tensile modulus, which can spread the load or stress evenly in a large area, so as to reduce the load compressive stress on the soft foundation.
Biaxial Integral Geogrid

GTM Biaxial Geogrid Specifications:

Index PropertiesTest MethodUnitGG1515GG2020GG3030GG4040
Minimum Carbon BlackASTM D 4218%2222
Tensile Strength@ 2% StrainASTM D 6637Kn/m5      57      710.5  10.514      14
Tensile Strength@ 5% StrainASTM D 6637Kn/m7      714      1421      2128      28
Ultimate Tensile StrengthASTM D 6637Kn/m15      1520      2030      3040      40
Strain @ Ultimate StrengthASTM D 6637%13      1013      1013      1013      10
Structural Integrity
Junction EfficiencyGRI GG2%93939393
Flexural RigidityASTM D 1388Mg-cm7000001000000350000010000000
Aperture StabilityCOE Methodmm-N/deg64670714322104
Roll WidthM3.953.953.953.95
Roll LengthM50505050
Roll WeightKg395072105
MD denotes Machine direction. TD denotes transverse direction.

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Biaxial Geogrid Prices and Factory:

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