impermeable geomembrane

Basic Knowledge and Production Process of HDPE Geomembrane

It is believed that the impervious geomembrane is not new to us. The impervious coefficient is high – HDPE geomembrane has the impervious effect that ordinary waterproof materials can’t match.

HDPE liner membrane has high tensile strength and mechanical properties. Its excellent elasticity and deformation ability make it very suitable for expansion or contraction of the base surface, which can effectively overcome the uneven settlement of the base surface anti-seepage membrane. Next, we will look at the anti-seepage geomembrane with a small braid.

hdpe geomembrane

Main functions of impervious geomembrane:

Due to its good tensile strength, high impact strength, impermeability, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, impermeable geomembrane has been widely used in the construction industry in coastal areas.

At the same time, it is also widely used in river dams, reservoirs, diversion tunnels, highways, railways, airports, underground, underwater and other projects. Geomembrane has become an important material for the construction of modern national economy. It also introduces the production technology of anti-seepage geomembrane.

With the rapid development of economic construction in coastal areas, the development of real estate is gradually warming up. Hotels, luxury residences, office buildings are endless, and there are many new apartments and sanatoriums along the coast.

However, due to the concave terrain in the coastal area, the groundwater is infiltrated upward. Seriously affect the construction.

Due to its good tensile strength, high impact strength, impermeability, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, foot damage resistance and other characteristics, the impermeable upper membrane produced by calendering two-way tensile process is used to block the upward seepage of groundwater. So that it can be used in construction.

According to the area of the construction site, the construction unit sticks the anti-seepage geomembrane into a whole by high-frequency welding or adhesive tape, paves it on the compacted foundation, paves the sand soil cushion on it, and the geomembrane is left under the construction foundation. Strictly speaking. The quality of impervious geomembrane will most affect the construction quality of buildings.

 impermeable geomembrane

Main functions of impervious geomembrane:

  1. It integrates seepage prevention and drainage, and has the functions of isolation and reinforcement.
  2. High composite strength, high peeling strength and high puncture resistance.
  3. It has strong drainage capacity, large friction coefficient and small linear expansion coefficient.
  4. It has good aging resistance, wide temperature range and stable quality.

Good anti-seepage performance: HDPE anti-seepage membrane is made of high-quality high-density polyethylene primary resin and co extrusion technology, with high molecular density, very low liquid permeability and excellent anti-seepage effect.
The construction is simple and convenient, with light weight and convenient transportation: HDPE anti-seepage membrane is light in weight, and the finished product is rolled, which is convenient for laying on site and has high flexibility to meet the needs of different construction sites.
Physical and chemical properties are excellent: HDPE impervious membrane anti-aging, anti ultraviolet, excellent tear resistance, anti puncture ability, low brittleness, small thermal deformation, good chemical stability, high and low temperature resistance, asphalt, oil and tar, acid, alkali, salt and other chemical solutions.
Low cost and high comprehensive benefit: HDPE anti-seepage membrane adopts new technology to improve the anti-seepage effect, but the production process is more scientific and quick, so the product cost is lower than the traditional product membrane; according to the actual calculation, the general project adopting HDPE anti-seepage membrane needs to save 42% of the cost.
Health and environmental protection: the materials used for HDPE anti-seepage membrane are non-toxic and environmental protection materials, and the anti-seepage principle is general physical change, without any harmful substances. It is the best choice for environmental protection and breeding.


The above is all the main functions of impermeable geomembrane. I believe that you have a deeper understanding of impermeable geomembrane and know more about how to choose it in use. Today, there are so many shares. I hope these contents can help you.

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