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Welcome to GTM Geotextile Factory

GTM Geosynthetics is a factory who produce geotextile,geotextile membrabne,non woven geotextile,geotextile fabric,geomembrane,HDPE geomembrabne,geogrid,geocell,gabion and other geosynthetics.GTM geotextile sincerely hope to offer best geotextile and service to all of the world.

Who We Are

GTM Geotextile copmnay is a professional geosythetics factory based in China.

Our Mission

To be the one of the leading geosyntetics products suppliers in the world.

What We Do

We produce geotextile fabric,geomembrane,geogrid,geocell and offer earthwork solutions.

Why choose us?

  • Factory and R&D Center

    Our geosynthetics manufacturing facilities upholds the top world standards, While being environmentally responsible

  • 24x7 A Full Service

    We offer amazing service, top quality non woven geotextile membrane and woven geotextile fabric products with customized solutions and spot on deadlines. Do try us.

  • Fast Delievery

    Our strong transportation network gives us control over your delivery schedule. We take pride in our delivery times.


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