What are Composite Geomembranes
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What are composite geomembranes?GTM composite geomembrane are composed of geotextile and geomembrane.

what are composite geomembranes

The main mechanism of the composite geomembrane is cut off earth leakage channel of the dam.
HDPE geoembrane has great tensile strength and high elongation under pressure and HDPE geomembrane liner can adapt to dam deformation;
Non woven staple fiber needle punched geotextile is a polymer chemistry material through needle punched or hot forming.
GTM Geotextile features high tensile strength and elongation, after it is combined with the geomembrane, it is not only increases the tensile strength and puncture resistance of geomembrane, but nonwoven geotextile fabric increases the coefficient of friction of the composite geomembane and contact surface

It is good for stability of geomembrane and the protective layer.
Meanwhile, GTM geotextile and geomembrane composites have good bacteria and chemical erosion resistance, not afraid of acid, alkali, salt erosion.



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