The Development of Geotextile
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The Development of Geotextile

The first generation of geotextiles are textiles use for other purposes.Such as carpet or industrial sackings.This first generation was diverted and used for geotechnical purposes.

The second generation of geotextiles using conventional manufacturing techniques.
The engineers begin to use specific textiles for different geotechnical purposes.

The third generation textiles were actually designed and developed a new textile specifically
for the purpose of earthwork application.For example,they developed geotextile for driving way-geotextile fabric driveway,geotextile for drainage-geotextile drainage fabric. Also, they develop composite geotextile which is composed with geotextile and other geosynthetics, such as geotextile and geomembrane, geotextile and geogrid.

The development of geotextile fabric is an industry-led’ science.
In the process of the development of geotextile, academic institutions also play an import role but lagged behind the industry.

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