PET spunbond needle-punched nonwoven geotextile
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PET spunbond needle-punched nonwoven geotextile

PET spunbond needle-punched nonwoven is a significant pan of all spunbond
production techniques. Spinned filaments, produced by melting the fiber grade PET
pellets after drying, are lapped hm uniform web, which is directed into bonding area
for needle punching, Nonwoven marerials with special characoeristics are produced
after above processing.
This kind of nonwoven materials could be named nonwoven geotextiles,
clarified according to application fields, having better mechanical and hydraulic
properties than traditional needle punched geotextiles with raw materials beiig staple
PET fiber. However, systematic studies about mechanical and hydraulic propmies of
PET spunbond needle-punched nomvovens has been absent in academic and
engineering field home md abroad. Engineering desim has been done according to
experience obtained from traditional pectextiles application. Studies in this paper will
manufacturers with scientific foundations about relative properties.
As a newly-developed product with only several years of advancement, PET
spunbond needle-punched geoteuttiles has a production technique with specialty. The
study has systematically elaborated on the machine characteristics and parameters,
including extruders, melts filtration setups, measuring pump setups, quenching unit,
air drawing setups and its principles, web formation, needlepunching technique and
its Technical parameters of key processing parts have been designed in
order to systematically study its technical special traits. Key processing parts are
quenching unit, web fonnation setups and needlepunching area.
This paper has tested the viscosity of fiber-grade PET pellets for reference to
technique design. The study has mainly focused on diflerent mechanical properties of
PET spunbond needle-punched geotextiles and staple PET fiber needle-punched
geotextiles with different grams per unit.

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