Nonwoven Geotextile
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Nonwoven Geotextile

Nonwoven geotextiles are thicker than woven geotextiles.Non woven geotextile fabrics are formed may be by continuous filaments fibers or from staple fibers.The continuous filaments fibers or staple fibers are generally oriented randomly within the plane of the geotextile but can be given preferential orientation.

In the process of spun-bonding geotextile fabric,the geotextile machine extruds filament fibers and they laid directly on a moving belt to form the mat.

Commonly nonwoven geotextiles are producd by the fllowing 4 methods.

1.Needle punching. Bonding by needle punching involves pushing many barbed needles through one or several layers of a fiber mat normal to the plane of the geotextile. The process causes the fibers to be mechanically entangled. The resulting geotextile has the appearance of a felt mat.
2. Heat bonding. This is done by incorporating fibers of the same polymer type but having different melting points in the mat, or by using heterofilaments, that is, fibers composed of one type of polymer on the inside and covered or sheathed with a polymer having a lower melting point.

3.Resin bonding. Resin is introduced into the fiber mat, coating the fibers and bonding the contacts between fibers.

4.Combination bonding. Sometimes a combination of bonding techniques is used to facilitate manufacturing or obtain desired properties.

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