Nonwoven Geotextile Bag
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geotextile sand bag


GTM Geotextile Bag is an alternative erosion control wall system.

Benefits include:
Heavyweight non-woven geosynthetic material
Double-stitch seams
Filtration, soil retention, and barrier separation between contaminates carried by stormwater runoff and the soil
Plant with permanent vegetation to promote soil stabilization and permanent green wall
Easy installation – Foundationless heavyweight erosion control wall
Environmentally sensitive

The GTM Geotextile Bag holds soil to promote permanent vegetation. Since the bags are water permeable, the bag and the soil filter water to protect the environment. Further, water permeable bags are very root friendly by providing stable soil with high moisture content for growth.

Applications and Suggestions

River Training Work
There are a variety of applications for the material and bags. These include: filtration, separation between contaminates carried by storm water runoff and soil.
Create wall of growing medium.
Plant with permanent vegetation to promote soil stabilization.
The combination of the weight of the filled bags, the cleats and the roots (over time) form a strong and permanent retaining wall.





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