Geotextile Retaining Wall&Geogrid Retaining Wall
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geotextile retaining walls

Over the past decade,geotextile retaining walls have seen widely used.In a geosynthetically reinforced retaining wall system,the main reinforcing element is geogrid,high tensile strength geotextiles.These geotextile retaining wall can be temporary or permanent structures.

The geotextile retaining wall structures have the following elements.
1.The fascia (vegetation)
2.Select or in-situ backfill
3.Drainage layer (gravel, geotextile filter fabric for retaining walls, perforated composite drainage pipe or drainage net)
4.High-strength geotextile,geocell, geogrid reinforcement.

Temporary geotextile retaining walls feature woven geotextile wrapped faces, have used successfully in many highway projects.

Jinan GTM Building Materials Co.,Ltd’s product line includes all the geosynthetics required to effectively design and build geotextile or geogrid reinforcement structures.

Please click on the links to find our geotextile retaining wall fabric.



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