Geotextile Fabric to Treat The Pavement Cracks
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geotextile paving fabric

After serving many years, Most pavements will have transverse and longitudinal cracks.This cracks are caused by temperature and load related forces.

Usually we place a new layer on the old one,it is a temporary protection.After the overlay has been placed,the old cracks will reflect to the new one by the load force.Then the water will come into the base of the road and will decreases the life of the road.

Geotextile Paving Fabric provide an ideal solution for reflective cracking.Geotextile fabric has 3 main functions when used as paving fabric.

Under an pavement overlay, a geotextile may provide sufficient tensile strength to relieve stresses exerted by movement of the existing pavement.
The geotextile acts as a stress-relieving interlayer as the cracks move horizontally or vertically.

2.Water Barrier
Impregnation of the geotextile with a bitumen provides a degree of moisture protection for the underlying layers whether or not reflective cracking occurs.

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