Geotextile Durability and Influanced Factors
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Geotextile Durability is a key factor to measure a geotextile fabric good or not.
There are many factor that will change the properties of geotextile fabrics.Experience with geotextiles in place spans only about 30 years.
1.Exposure to sunlight degrades the physical properties of geotextiles.In order to make the geotextile has better UV resistance,usually geotextile manufacturers will add the addition of carbon black to geotextile fibers.

2.When geotextiles are used in pavement,used as paving fabric.Hot asphalt can approach the melting point of some polymers. So we will choose which kind of geotextile to use according to the melting point of the geotextile.

3.Chemicals in the groundwater can react with polymers. Water of high PH will do harm to polyesters while low pH water can be harsh on polyamides.
All of these factors should be considered in selecting or specifying acceptable geotextile materials.

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