Geosynthetics Such as Geotextile,Geomermbrane,Geogrids,Geocomposites
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Geosynthetics have been defined as a planar synthetic materials manufactured from PP,PET,PE and other materials.Geosynthetics used with soil, rock, earth, or other geotechnical-related material as an integral part of a civil engineering project, structure, or system.

Non woven or woven Geotextile is a kind of geosynthetics made of textile materials.
With the development of geosynthetics,engineers invest many other geosynthetics that are not textile materials — including geowebs, geogrids, geonets, geomeshes, and geogcomposites — that are used in combination with
or in place of geotextiles.

Geotextiles are geosynthetics used for reinforcement,drainage,filteration…
Geomermbrane are low-permeability geosynthetics used as water barriers.
Geogrids are geosynthetics formed by a regular network of tensile elements with apertures of sufficient size to interlock with surrounding fill materialused for reinforcement.
Geocomposites can be geotextile-geogrids(geogrid composite),geotextile-geonets(drainage net), geotextile-geomembranes(compound geomembrane),geotextile-polymeric cores, geomembrane- geonets, and even three-dimensional polymeric cell structures.Geonet such as 3D drainage net is a composite formed of geotextile and geonet to drainage water.



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